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Tested Beyond Endurance



When brothers Nick and Giles English sketched out the initial plan to found Bremont in 2002, their mission was to help reinvigorate the British watch industry by both assembling timepieces on home soil and making as many components as possible in the UK.


Nineteen years later they look well on the way to achieving those ambitions, following the opening of Bremont's new manufacturing and technology facility AKA 'The Wing'.


Situated in Henley-on-Thames, the state-of-the-art, 35,000 square-foot building has an impressive reception area and space for everything from a boutique to a British watchmaking museum – plus, of course, the manufacturing workshop, offices and an events space (with

all-important bar area). All this came with lots of lovely white wall space to fill and that's where Taylor Studio came in.

Images of "The Wing" by Bremont

Bremont exhibition New.jpg
Bremont exhibition 4.jpg


As well as space for designing and building the watches, The Wing now offers tours for watch enthusiasts. Exhibition graphics were required in zoned areas.The History of British Watchmaking timeline was created to further illustrate the mission that Bremont have set themselves - to bring watchmaking back to British soil.   

Bremont Exhibition_Cabinets.jpg
Bremont Exhibition_cabinet signage.jpg


As well as showcasing Bremont timepieces, individual cabinets housed historic inventions and watchmaking parts.

Bremont 7.jpg
Bremont poster detail 1 .jpg
Bremont Poster Detail 2.jpg
Bremont Microns.jpg


Using blueprints as inspiration, the 6 state-of-the-art manufacturing machines which create precision parts, were illustrated and used as posters. Original technical drawings of the watches decorated the walls. Fondly nicknamed by Bremont staff: Bonny & Clyde, Johnny 5, Tom, Dick & Harry... the machines were given a human aspect.


Approved by Her Majesty's Armed Forces, Bremont have partnered with the MoD. Through this partnership, Bremont have become the sole luxury watch producer allowed to legitimately use the signs, symbols and Heraldic Badges of all three services. Signage was created inspired by military ribbons.

Bremont exhibition 5_Diver.jpg


With the opening of The Wing three new Supermarine divers watches were also launched.

The concept celebrates this collection whilst creatively working around the safety aspect of a new building.  

Bremont toilet 1.jpg
Bremont toilet 2 copy.jpg


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