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Working with the Stephen Hawking Estate, to ensure the Professor's legacy and name lives on, a flexible identity was required for brand licensing projects and commemoration.


When Stephen Hawking lost the ability to write, due to his motor neurone disease, he would sign his name using his thumbprint to authenticate various documents. The identity uses lines and texture from an original thumbprint, encapsulated within a graphic interpretation of a black hole - the astronomical phenomenon widely associated with the Professor and synonymous with his most inspiring and influential scientific discoveries. Designed white reversed out of black, as well as symbolising deep space, the white on black is also representative of chalk written on a blackboard, illustrating the Professor's early workings.

SH Website Image thumbprint.jpg
SH Website Image Balckboard.jpg
SH Website Image Mac.jpg

Play with sound

SH Website Image Mac.jpg
SH Website Images Screengrab 1.jpg


Designed to cater for a broad spectrum of audiences from the professional scientist, students and the general public with an interest in Stephen Hawking's life and work, the Hawking website had to deliver on all levels.


A showreel was created for the Homepage to celebrate the Professor's contribution to science and beyond. The site offers an archive of all of Stephen Hawking's written publications since 1965, and includes an autobiography, his books, films, collaborative projects and his most inspiring quotes.

SH Website Image_Plaque on wall.jpg


The 'Black Plaque' was created to commemorate a building. The Hawking logotype works as a lock-up to sit comfortably with the name of the building.

Stephen Hawking Small Pics 1.jpg
Stephen Hawking Small Pics 2.jpg
SH Website Image 3.jpg
SH Website Image 4.jpg
SH Website Image 5.jpg
SH Website ALL Images bag.jpg


As part of the identity project, a set of comprehensive brand guidelines were created to include: Logo application, best practice, licensing collaborations, use of typefaces and colourways.

The "Hawking Yellow" was inspired by the coat-of-arms of Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge University, attended by Stephen Hawking. 

Stephen Hawking Business card Front.jpg
SH Website Image Business card stack.jpg

"Nicola came to us highly recommended and it is easy to see why. Right from the start, it was clear she was the right person to help us develop a brand identity to help preserve the legacy of my late father, Professor Stephen Hawking. With her considerable craftsmanship and intuitive sense of innovation, she went above and beyond to deliver a fully formed set of brand guidelines, dedicated logo and new website. The man himself would have been hugely proud, so please accept my sincerest thanks on behalf of the Hawking Estate!"


Tim Hawking

The Stephen Hawking Estate

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