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Change for the better



Newly founded by Dr. Evelyn Owusu, the Harley Street based Meta Clinic understands that losing weight can be a challenge, and keeping the weight off even more so. The name and identity are based around the idea of metamorphosis and the ultimate goal of changing

for the better.

Meta Clinic Logo_Dark Blue.jpg
Meta Clinic Logo_LIGHT BLUE.jpg
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8 Miles Website Images Screengrabs 1.jpg


Bold and friendly animations with simple and concise messaging were used to illustrate that losing weight doesn't have to be such a daunting prospect when given the right support and effective weight loss treatments...and not a skinny model in sight.

Meta Clinic Mobile 2.jpg
Meta Signage.jpg
 Meta Business cards 2.jpg
 Meta Business cards 1.jpg


Business cards were created using a slimmer format.

Water Bottles 2.jpg

“I have worked with Nicola for a few years now and I am still amazed at her creativity, professionalism and enthusiasm. I cannot praise her enough!”


Dr Evelyn Owusu-Siaw

Founder, The Meta Clinic

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