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Pleasure in every pop



Cornpendium are a new gourmet popcorn brand aimed at big kids with a taste for indulgent flavours. The name Cornpendium was born from the brands' ambition to create a collective of original popcorn flavours. To support this idea the identity was created using an eclectic mix of letterforms inspired by vintage fairground and cinema lettering. 

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Physical packaging was crafted using the carton shape synonymous with the film industry. Bold colour-ways and numbering system differentiate the flavours, with the idea that new ranges will be added to the Cornpendium collective.

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The Cornpendium letterforms were used as a teaser campaign to introduce the brand to social media platforms. 

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“From the merest of briefs Nicola created a brand identity that perfectly captured the brand positioning combined with a unique and impactful design which has real standout in the category and entices consumers in both e-commerce and bricks & mortar channels. We are looking forward to working with Taylor Studio on future new product developments.”


John Marsden

Founder, Cornpendium Popcorn

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