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My Army, My Charity


The Army Benevolent Fund have been supporting soldiers and veterans from the British Army and their immediate families since 1944. Although The Army Benevolent Fund is the original Soldiers’ charity, they were struggling for recognition amongst a sea of similar organisations. The name felt dated and lacked clarity. This concept used the name “The Army Charity” to communicate the funds’ purpose, with the secondary line “My Charity” highlighted in bold. The use of the word “My” creates a sense of belonging for both the soldiers and their famillies, but also for those giving to the charity. The original crest, which was deemed overly complicated was re-drawn to add a modern twist without losing the main elements and reproduced in one colour to reduce production costs.

NB: This is purely concept work that was developed for a pitch. 

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On all collateral the identity sits prominently as a military ribbon would be worn. This badge of honour was proposed as a symbol for the charity and one given out when a donation is made. Bold typography incorporated with case studies and photographs of soldiers then and now, emphasises the lifetime of support and impact the charity has had on individuals.  

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