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From streams rivers flow



Black Volta is a newly founded private equity company that invest solely in West African businesses. Black Volta is one of the main rivers in West Africa that provides water to thousands of local people. This analogy illustrates the company’s ethos - to partner with businesses where their involvement has a positive impact. The logo takes inspiration from the Adinkra symbols

that represent cultural aphorisms, originating from West Africa. Based on the Nkyinkyin symbol and much like a river, it symbolises the twists and turns in life. It stands for dynamism, initiative and adaptability, all the qualities a private equity company need to succeed in a

competitive marketplace.

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"Innovative. On point. Effective.

That’s probably the best way I would describe Taylor Studio and why I have used or recommended them on various projects over the last decade."


Dugald Agble

CEO, Black Volta Ventures

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